On listening to an MS concert - part 1

Was listening to an MS concert today from the earlier 60s. The accompanists are unknown and Smt. Radha is not singing with her mom. Trying a different style of writing; am listing the concert songs and interspersing them with my comments.

01.) Era nApai - Varnam – tODI – Patnam Subramaniam Iyer
Wonderful as always – listened to another rendering of Era nApai by MS in a compilation of Varnams released by HMV recently

02.) vAtApi gaNapatim – hamsadhwani – Mutthuswamy Dikshithar
Racy rendition – nice swara combinations (This song sung elaborately by KJ Yesudas will still remain my favorite Hamsadhwani.)

03.) rAmA nannu brOvarA – harikAmbOdhi -
Liked the neraval and detailed elaboration as compared to the one of hers at UN which is a quicker version.

04.) hari nArAyaNa – kEdAram- Purandaradasa
Never heard this song before. Trust MS amma to do absolute justice to even an unheard of Kriti.

05.) vAcAma gOcaramE – kaikavAsi- Thyagaraja
Another rarely heard song in a rare Raga. (These days singers rarely attempt such Kritis :-( which is rather tragic.

06.) srI kAntimatIm - hEmAvati - Mutthuswamy Dikshithar
Raagas like Hemavati / Kirvani / Vachaspati have always acquired a special sheen in MS's voice. This rendition of one of Dikshithar's masterpieces was no exception. The kriti was rendered beautifully with a nice round of neraval and svarams at "Shuka Shounaka".

07.) kshIra sAgara Sayana – mAyAmALavagowlai-
All morning ragas (Mayamalavagowla / Saveri / Nadanamakriya/ Revagupti/ Bhoopalam /) sound wonderful when MS sings them. This is a composition by Mysore Maharaja Jayachamaraja Wodeyar and I've listened to the same raga sung and played on the Veena by Madurai Shanmukhavadivu in an old RPM record. MS's melodious rendition reminded me of her mother. Some vidwan rightly remarked that "MS carries a Veena in her throat"

08.) rAma rAma guNasImA – simhEndra madhyamam-Swati Tirunal
Sung with elaborate alapana (almost similar her famous Carnegie hall concert.)


kvp said…
Nice style of writing !!

I am a BIG fan of Simhendramadhyamam .. I also liked Sri Santhanam's Kaamakshi Kaamakoti in the same raaga and that one too is wonderful.. and who can ever forget the song from MSS's Carnegie Hall concert !!
** What a gem **

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