Musings on watching a KVN video

I procured a video recording of one of my all time favorite singers Sangita Kalanidhi Pallakad KV Narayanaswamy recently. Firstly, sincere thanks to the gentleman who took the pains to record and upload the same. KVN is accompanied by UK Shivaraman on the Mridangam and T. Veeraraghavan on the violin and vocally supported by Smt. Padma Narayanaswamy. I never had an opportunity to listen to KVN in a live concert and this recording partly fulfilled that dream of mine. The recording commences with St. Thyagaraja's masterpiece Sogusuga Mridanga talamu in Ragam Sriranjani. I've listened to this kriti rendered by different maestros multiple times, but rate KVN's rating as the best one so far. The slow pace at which he has sung the kriti adds to the beauty of the raga. This is followed by Ranjani, the kriti being Dattatreya. (A friend of mine , another die hard fan of KVN, remarked that only a true maestro KVN could switch context from Sriranjani to Ranjani in a jiffy and I fully agree.) Every thing about this Ranjani was enchanting. KVN's swarams, TV's violin accompaniment and the tani played by UKS. KVN concludes with a Javali in Khamas. I have already watched it about 10 times and am sure I won't tire of watching it even a hundred times. I can attribute this to the magic of KVN's music.


Ramdas said…
I saw one excellent recording of KVN on U tube. Do you have any video recordings of Voleti Venkateswarulu? He was a genius who did not get his just dues. Ramdas

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