Chowdiah's AIR archive CD

I had purchased this CD almost an year back and had listened to it once then. I lent it to a couple of select friends to listen to and got it back recently (I am very possessive about my collection and don't normally lend my cassettes or CDs, exceptions being an exclusive category of music crazy people like myself.) I listened to it today morning and was captivated by Chowdiah's music prowess. The tonal quality of the SaptaTandi - seven stringed violin invented by this musical genius from Mysore - is unique. Some info from the sleeve notes attached "Chowdiah's innovation created a revolution and stalwarts of the day like Mysore Vasudevachar, Ariyakudi Ramanuja Iyengar, Chembai Vaidyanatha Bhagavathar, Maharajapuram VishwanathaIyer, Musiri and GNB longed to have hin for violin accompaniment as he would inspire them to give forth their best." Chowdiah was equally comfortable playing solo as accompanying great masters of his time.
The song list in this collection is as follows:
1.) Vanajakshi varnam in Kalyani
2.) Merusamana in Mayamalavagowla
3.) Nannupalimpa in Mohanam
4.) Enduku Dayaradu in Thodi and
5.) Smarajanaka in Behag.
Being a die hard fan of ragam Thodi, I liked that Thyagaraja kirtanam the best .The collection manages to focus on Chowdiah's virtuosity and on the unique character of his 7 stringed violin.


kvp said…
Hello !!

Good info on Sri Chowdiah !!
Where can I buy this CD in Bangalore ??

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