A small tribute to Muktamma

T Mukta, of the famed Brinda-Mukta duo of jugalbandi singers and the only surviving grandchild of Veena Dhannamal passed away on Sunday. She was an authority on Padams and Javalis, Shyama Shastri and Dikshithar Kirtanams, a patient and loving teacher and the torchbearer of the much-adored Dhanammal bani (style) of music.

May her soul rest in peace. I am sure she'll be singing in heaven with her sisters T.Brinda and T.Abhiramasundari on the violin. Or they might be having a Sangeet-mehfil (music session) with the entire Dhannamal family participating. Its only the Gods and demigods who can listen to these concerts live. We mortals have to content ourselves with the few available recordings of these Gandharvas of music.

Adding this link with a well written article on her.


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