Malladi Brothers @ Bangalore Gayana Samaja

Malladi Brothers sang at Bangalore Gayana Samaja as part of Aanandaa Music festival. The theme of the festival was on Composers of Carnatic Music and the composer of the day was Maharaja Swathi Tirunal. They were accompanied by Embar Kannan on the violin, Mridangam maestro Trichy Shankaran and Vaikom S. Gopalakrishnan on the Ghatam (each of them being excellent artistes on their respective instruments)

Song List :
1.) Kamboji - Sarasijanabha
2.) Gowlai - KAmajanaka - Adi talam
3.) Arabhi - Narasimha MAmava
4.) Useni - PAhimam brihan nAyike .Though they sang it very well, KVN's version is still the best :-)
5.) Begada - - kalayAmi Raghu RAmam
6.) Pantuvarali - Sarasaksha - Embar's style of playing is so close to that of his guru A. Kanyakumari. One of the best kritis in this concert.Tani was brilliant. The Palani Subramaniam Pillai style of playing on the Toppi was wonderfully executed by his prime disciple Trichy Shankaran.
7.) KaraharapriyA - Satatam pAvaka PAda Sevanam

Left for home during their rendition of karaharapriya. Anybody who attended the concert till it ended can update the same.


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