Malladi Brothers at BTM Cultural Academy

The Annual composers festival at BTM cultural Academy normally has packed audiences. This concert by Malladi brothers on Saint Thyagaraja's was no exception.
Having listened to Malladi brothers some days back at Bangalaore Gayana Samaj, I knew this is not a concert to be missed. After a long time, my entire gang of music friends from office (Vinu, Kavi, Sharan, Rekha and I) attended a concert together.

They are wonderful Jodi singers and have learnt music from their father Malladi Suri Babu, Voleti Venkateshwarulu and Nedunuri Krishnamurthy. They are currently receiving advanced training from Dr. Sripada Pinakapani, the famous surgeon musician and guru of stalwarts like Voleti and Nedunuri. R.K.Sreeram Kumar was to accompany them on the violin but couldn't make it at the last moment and was replaced hurriedly by Mysore Shrikanth. The percussion accompanists were Anoor Ananthakrishna Sharma on the Mridangam, Giridhar Uduppa on the Ghatam and N.Amruth on Khanjira

01.) Muddu Momu - Suryakantam - Adi

02.) GatigAnu Nanu Chai - Begada - Adi
Missed the first too songs as I was undergoing a training at office and reached the venue late.

As I entered, heard their Durbar Alapanai. While we were guessing whether they would sing Mundu Vena or Yochana, they settled on a rarely heard Kriti Endundi.
03.) Endundi Vedalitivo - Darbar - Triputa

04.) Palintuvo Palimpavo - Kantamani - Adi - Excellent Alapana both sung and played on the violin. This is rarely heard song and sounds like a combination of ChandraJyoti and Kalyani.

05.) Nibhakti Bhagya - Jayamanohari - Rupaka

06.) Sri Raghuvara - Kambhoji - Adi. Exquisite rendering of this Kriti. The Tani by the percussion ensemble was awesome. Giridhar's Ghatam playing deserves to be praised and high-lighted.

07.) Rama Rama Rama Sita - Huseni - Rupaka

08.) Ragamalika Shlokam in praise of Saint ThyagarajaSaveri/ Durga / Thodi / Brindavani Saranga / Kapi follwed by bhajanPAhi Prama Dayalo

09.) Uyyala - Nilambari - Jhampa

10.) Patiki Harati - Surati - Adi

11.) Shlokam in Madhyamavati

One of the best concerts I have heard in a while. Everything about Malladi brothers style of singing is good - their rendering of Kritis, their voices, their sensitive portrayal of Ragas, their grip over Laya. They payed homage to Saint Thyagaraja through this concert of theirs.


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