Sowmya @ Koramangala

I reached the venue a little late on account of a traffic jam outside office. Sowmya was accompanied by Nalina Mohan on the violin and Anoor Anathakrishna Sharma on the mridangam.
My mom had missed the Varnam but was present for the rest of the concert.

1.) Varnam - ? someone who attended this concert from the beginning can leave a comment
2.) Nadasudha Rasam - St. Thyagaraja - Arabhi
3.) Chittam Irangaden Aiya -
Mishra Chapu - Papanasam Sivan. I've always liked the Sahanas sung by Sowmya. Heard from mom that this was no exception.
4.) Brovabarama - St. Thyagaraja - Bahudari.
5.) Devi Brova - Chintamani. This
Shyama Shastri masterpiece was sung well
6.) Abhogi -As I entered the venue, I could hear her mellifluous Alapanai in this ragam. Going by the no. of songs already rendered, I thought she was planning an RTP in Abhogi. But she sang NeeKurugi by
Papanasam Sivan.The neraval and swara improvisations were at Valli Devayani ManavalA.
7.) Dwijawanti - Akhilandeshwari - Muthuswamy Dikshithar - Adi talam. (Had heard a friend sing it beautifully in Vilamba Kalam sometime back during Navaratri. )Sowmya sang it in an unhurried fashion too.
8.) The best part of the concert was the RTP in Bhairavi. The brilliant unfolding of the ragam both by Sowmya and Nalina Mohan were commendable. W
hile singing Tanam Sowmya proved that she is a scholarly musician and one of the brightest female stars of today. The pallavi rendered was "KuvaladaLa Nayana Hare Krishna" with ragamalika swarams in Ananda Bhairavi, Nata Bhairavi, x Bhairavi? and Sindhu Bhairavi. Anoor's Tani avartanam deserves a special mention.
9.) Hindolam - Allu Bandite - Purandara Dasar (thought it was Chandrakauns when she began but realized it was Malkauns a little later)
10.) Bihag - Shri Madhava - Purandara Dasar
11.) Paras - Smarasundaranguni (can a Sowmya concert be complete without a Padam or Javali as she has trained with Padam Queen T. Muktamma)
12.) Tillana - Khamas
13.) Mangalam

An extremely well planned and well executed concert - right choice of songs and Ragas.


Anonymous said…
The song in Hindolam is Hannu Bandhidhe, Hannu as in fruit.

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