A Hindustani concert in the morning

Read in Hindu that Pandit Vijay Sardeshmukh from Pune would be performing a concert at Bangalore Gayana Samaja. I've heard him many years back at Alladiya Khansaheb festival and didn't want to miss this musical treat. The concert was organized by Hindustani Sangeeta Kalakara Mandali and he was accompanied by Vyasamurti Katti on harmonium and Udayraj Karpor on tabla. The audience were few (hardly 50-75 people).

Panditji is a disciple of Pandit Kumar Gandharva and has a sweet yet powerful voice just like his late Guru. In fact his voice bears a resemblance to that of his guru.

He commenced his concert with Raga Miyan Ki Todi. He sang a bandish in Vilambit Ektaal. His mastery over Ragas and years of ardous Riyaaz were reflected in his singing. He sang a traditional Bandish by Sadarang in Drut Teen Taal and a Tarana too. His sparkling taans over multiple octaves are worth mentioning about. Panditji then sang Raga Deskar. The next song was a bhajan by Saint Namdev in some type of Bhairav. (Aaoi Kalandar Keshava - Bhairav with a folk element, guess it was Behad Bhairav but need to confirm the same from one of Kumarji's recordings.) He was to conclude with Bhiaravi but I interrupted and told him to sing some variety of Sarang as it was already noon by then and the ideal time for singing Sarang. Panditji sweetly obliged and sang 2 compositons in Brindavani Sarang. He also sang a Kabir Bhajan after acceding to another request from the audience. Panditji concluded with a Bhairavi Bhajan by Kabir , Man Bawra Bhaya. Wonderful accompaniment was provided by both Vyasamurti Katti andUdayraj Karpor. I met Panditji after the concert to thank him for singing Brindavani Sarang. Also told him that I remembered the MArwa sung by him almost 10 years back at Bombay. Left the venue with soulful strains of Sindhu Bhairavi still ringing in my years.


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