U.Srinivas and U Rajesh at Ramabhajana Seva Mandali -07

Yet another post describing yet another concert I attended. The artist of the day (14th April,07)Mandolin U Srinivas. I've listened to him solo on many occasions) but this was the first time I listened to him with his younger brother (and disciple) U Rajesh. They began the concert with the Thodi Varnam Eranapai followed by VaraVallabha in Hamsadhwani (the speedy notes played towards the end of this kirtanam deserve special mention.) The next set of compositions were Saint Thyagaraja's Raghuvara in Pantuvarali, St. PurandaraDasa's composition in Hindolam (wasn't able to decipher which) and the Dikshithar masterpiece Param Dhamavati in Dharmavati. Both Srinivas and Rajesh played this Ragam in an elaborate manner. H.K.Venkatraman's violin support was simply too good and recieved a round of well deserved applause. They played a few more Thyagaraja compositions - a rare one in Kotipriya (I guess I've gotten the name right - the ragam is a janyam of Mayamalavagowla mela) and the evergreen Nannupalimpa in Mohanam. We left the concert venue after the Taniavartanam ended. On the whole a good concert, but I wished at times that U Rajesh control the volume of his mandolin while playing. The Thavil accompanist was too loud and his playing dampened the joy of listening at times. U Srinivas was in splendid form. The Ghatam accompanist provided wonderful support and excelled during the Taniavartanam.

Here too, I also got to meet up a few of my musical buddies after a long time. One of them gave me a video recording of M.S.Subbalakshmi's last live concert. I also picked up a 3 CD concert of Semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer from the stall near the main gate at the venue.


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