Listening to Vijay Shiva's concert

On 18th April (07), I attended a concert by Shri Vijay Siva. Reached the venue a little late as we went directly from office. Vijay was singing the Thyagaraja Kirtanam "Entaninne " in Mukhari. This was followed by the Begada kirtanam 'Abhimanamendu' - Ragam Saveri was taken up by Vijay and RK Sriramkumar next with detailed Aalapanai. I was hoping he would sing DKJ's favourite Thyagaraja Kirtanam in Savei - Rama Bana but what follwed was the Dikshithar masterpiece - 'Shri Rajagopala'I listened to the Ragam and Tanam in Kanada and then left as we had to get home in order to reach office on time the next day. Sangeeta Kalanidhi DKJ must have been all smiles in heaven listening to two of his best disciples.


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