Chamber concert of Sangeeta Kalanidhi Vidushi Dr. R. Vedavalli @ Essae Music Foundation

Yesterday I had the rare privilege to attend a chamber concert by veteran vocalist Sangita KalAnidhi Smt. R. Vedavalli. She was accompanied by Smt. Charulatha Ramanujam on the violin and Shri Anoor A. Sarma on the Mridangam. I have always been a die-hard fan of her music (do check out older blogs of mine for more details ) and didn't want to miss this opportunity.

I am attaching details of the artistes by pasting the original invite from Essae Music foundation.

Vocal support was provided by her senior disciples Smt Sumitra Vasudev and Smt. Sumathi.

1.) SarasiJAkshi - Varnam in Sri RAgam

2.) Sariyevvare - Shriranjani - St. Thyagaraja - Adi

3.) Entara - Haraikambhoji - St. Thyagaraja - Adi (Neraval and swarams at SheshuduShivuniki)

4.) praNatArTiharAya namastE vara - sAmantAm Muthuswamy Dikshithar - Adi - This was the first time I heard this kriti and had to refer to my book on Dikshithar kritis on getting home to identify the rAgam.

5.) brOvavammA tAmasamElEbirAnabrOvavammA - Manji - mishra Chapu - Shyama Shasrti

6.) EkAmranAthaM bhajEhaM - gamakakriya - Muthuswamy Dikshithar - Adi

7.) cETah shrI bAlakRSNaM bhajarE rE - DwijAvanti (Jaijaivanti in the Hindustani tradition) - Exquisite AlApana by both the singer and violinist. Muthuswamy Dikshithar - tishra EkaM

8.) Mundu Vena - DurbAr - St. Thyagaraja - Adi
9.) When Vedavalli mAmi sang an elaborate and exquisite Raga Alapana in Shanmukhapriya (special mention of Charulatha's violin AlApana) followed by Tanam in Shanmukhapriya , RitigowlA, BegadA and Nayaki ?( not sure of the last rAgam), we expected her to sing a Pallavi next as Smt. Vedavalli is a renowned expert of RTPs. She however sang
EkAmrEshanAyakIM IshvarIM bhajarE rE mAnasa - chAmaraM - Muthuswamy Dikshithar -Adi (Notice the change of the ragam Name - that has been done on purpose as the Dikshithar school refers to Shanmukhapriya as chAmaraM.)

Ragamalika swarams in SAma, Mohanam, Behag and Suruti.

10.) ValapudAsa - padam in SahAna

11.) Andru Ulagam - Sindhu Bhairavi - Andal Tirrupavai

12.) Tillana - Vasantha

13.) Mangalam - PavamAna - Sourashtram - St. Thyagaraja followed by "Swasti PrajAya" shlokam in Madhyamavati.

The artistes were felicitated by veteran vocalist from Bangalore, Vidwan S. Shankar. (There were many other performing artistes amongst the audience. )

I spoke to Vedavalli mAmi after the concert and sought her blessings.When I told her that I had met her after her Music Academy Concert, she said she remembered me and I was elated.

I take this opportunity to thank our hosts Smt. Srividya and Shri Prakash of Essae Music Foundation for organizing such a wonderful Kucheri at their home. I also pray to The Lord to shower his blessings on them so that they may continue to serve the cause of propogating the tradition of Carnatic music.

Concluding this post, it was one of the best Chamber concerts I have heard in a long time - the musical ambience, the list of songs rendered, the joy of listening to a veteran like Vedavalli mAmi who has been perfomrming since over 6 decades - every thing was simply too good.


Raghava said…
Dear Mr.Anand, I read your blog and was happy to know your keen interest in Karnatic Classical Music. I myself am a Karnatic Flautist, originally from Bangalore and presently living in Syracuse, New York. I would like to bring to your notice, a concert being held on 27th Sept. Vinay Sharva, a student of Vid.S.Shankar will be performing a Raga-tana-pallavi in Simhanandana Talam. The details about the concert are in my blog Do visit the blog. Hope this finds you of interest. I would like to know your email address and keep in touch with you. My mail id is . Do keep blogging and do keep in touch. Bye.

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