Kalpakam Swaminathan @Bangalore Gayana Samaja

I attended a concert by Smt. Kalpakam Swaminathan at Bangalore Gayana Samaja yesterday morning. She is a brilliant artiste who plays the Thanjavur Bani and an acknowledged master of Muthuswamy Dikshithar Compositions. What I found more amazing is her energy and dedication to the art of Carnatic music at the age of 87.

An article by Gowri Ramnarayan published in Hindu on Smt. Kalpakam Swaminathan

She was accompanied by Sri Cheluvaraju on the Mridangam and a disciple of hers on another Veena. Reached the venue a little late. Listened to the following songs by her.

Meenakshi Memudam Dehi - Purvikalyani , Muthuswamy Dikshithar
GowliPantu- could not identify the composition.
Ragam, Tanam, Pallavi - Dharmavati (It was announced later that she learnt the composition by Veena Seshanna just the day before the concert , as a tribute to the Veena maestro, which shows her greatness.)
Tillana - Chenchurriti.

She was conferred the prestigious Veena Seshanna Memorial National Award. Rudrapatnam Brothers R.N.Thyagarajan and R.N Taranathan were honoured with the V.N.Rao Memorial award this year.


Srividya said…
Hi Andy,

I'm looking for the Deekshitar Kriti - Meenakshi me mudam dehi (Purvikalyani). Do you know any website where I can download this? My own Blogger id is srividyaangara.blogspot.com. Please do let me know.

Thodi said…
you can got to http://sangeethamshare.com and search for the krti. There are many renditions of the same by stalwarts.

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