My Chennai Diary - Day-4.

Sumitra Nitin @ Music Academy
She is the grand daughter of old time veteran Anantalakshmi Sadagopan.I've listened to a few recordings of Smt. Sadagopan and she had a sweet yet powerful voice. Her granddaughter lacks the latter. She was singing without any shruti alignment all the while.(I hope she had a bad throat day and hence was singing off key;thats no excuse as one can sing at a lower pitch and remain aligned to Shruti. )
1.) Ganapate - Kalyani - Dikshithar - Adi
2.) Ritigowla - walked out to pick some more CDs and books
3.) Kamboji - O Rangashayee - Violin Alapanai was well played.

Abhishek Raghuram @Music Academy with Mysore Srikanth (Violin) and A. Anand
Had read a few good reviews about his and was keen on attending the same. Abhishek has a good voice - very pliable and sweet yet powerful and with a good range. (Reminded me of Musiri's voice at first hearing but later realized its more like Unnikrishnan's voice, the main difference being Unni's is more nasal.)
1.) Nata Bhairavi - racked my brains over identifying this - finally realized its Nat Bhairav (one of the nice ragas played in Call of the Valley). Shri Valli DevasenApate - Papanasam Sivan - Adi. Srikant was in good form and played a nice alapanai in this ragam.
2.) Sringara Murthim - Khamas - Annamacharya - Adi (Tuned by Nedunuri GAru)
3.) KA VA VA - Varali - Sivan
4.) RAmakatha Sudha - Madhyamavati - St. Thyagaraja - Adi.Well sung, Tani by A. Anand another grandson of Palghat Raghu was wonderful.

Hyderabad Brothers - D. Seshachari & D. Raghavachari / Peri Sriramamurthy (Violin) / M. Lakshminarayana Raju (Mridangam)
As decided on the previous day, we went to attend another concert by Hyderabad Brothers.

1.) Evari Bodhana -Abhogi Varnam
2.) Mapala - Asaveri - St. Thyagaraja - Adi
3.) Hamsadhwani- Manasu Karuku DevA- Rupakam
4.) Niravati Sukhada - Ravichandrika - St. Thyagaraja - Adi
5.) Purvi Kalyani - Ninnu Vina - Shyama Shastri - Mishra Chapu - Peri excelled in his Raga elaborations as did the singers
6.) Sadachaleshwaram - BhupAlam - Dikshithar - Adi
7.) Ashtapadi - Yamuna KAlyani
8.) HaridAsulu - Kalyani
9.) Mangalam
I listened to one of the best interpretations of Purvi Kalyani in a long time. I wished I had stayed back at Madras for a day more so that I could listen to Hyderabad brothers at Music Academy. I hope someone uploads their Music Academy concert.

Next time around, we have decided to spend more time at Madras during the December season. Might be a better idea to book a room at Woodlands so that we avoid the commute and attend all the evening concerts too. Had a wonderful Musical time at Chennai.


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