Rudrapatnam Brothers @ Banasankari Fine Arts

Yesterday (15th July,07) we attended a vocal recital by Rudrapatnam brothers Dr. R.N.Thyagarajan and R.N.Taranathan. Was a wonderful performance on the whole. They have voices which each easily blend into each other's. Giridhar Udupa was on the Ghatam (didn't catch the names of the Violin and Mridanam accompanists. The latter was a girl from US.)

Song list:
1.) Viriboni Varnam (Bhairavi /Ata Talam)
2.) Jayajaya janaki (Nattai/ Purandaradasa / KhandaChapu)
3.) Marivere (Ananda Bhairavi / Shyama Shastri / Chapu)
4.) Sobillu Saptaswara ( Jaganmohini / Thyagaraja /Rupaka)
5.) Lavanya Rama (Purna Shadjam / Thyagaraja /Rupaka)
6.) Kantimati (Hevamati / Mutthuswami Dikshithar / Adi)

The Hemavati alapana was scintilating. The kriti was rendered beautifully with a nice round of neraval and svarams at 'dyaSTOttara sahasra kalashAbhiSEkAmOdAmsurahitAm'.

Had to leave the concert venue before the concert ended as it was pretty late by the time the tani avartanam ended.


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